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  Usher Loses His Son

Usher Loses His Son


The popular singer and producer lived through a horrible tragedy. His 11 year old adopted son Kyle Glover, who was very close to Usher, passed away. The singer continued to treat Kyle as his own son even after he and Tameka split up.

Two weeks ago Kyle got s serious trauma as a result of an accident. He was run over by a jet ski. The boy was unconscious when he was delivered to the hospital, where he was hooked up to life support. Usher and Tameka didn’t leave their son’s side, hoping that he would get better. However unfortunately that didn’t happen. Tameka and Usher decided that it would be better to let the boy go and turned off the life support systems on July 21st

Usher refuses to comment the incident. His ex wife is trying to cope and he is trying to support her as much as he can.